The Wheel of Masks (yulicorn) wrote,
The Wheel of Masks

Hmmm, yesterday was actually pretty good. I got a breakthrough on an RPG idea, I didn't end up having to go into work, and after a bit of unhappy confusion -- we couldn't find our bus, and we accidentally stiffed poor alari because I thought he'd already left to go job-hunting -- postrodent and I met lediva in an admirably seedy arcade in Somerville and blew an obscene number of tokens. The arcade was a pretty mixed experience for me, since I really suck at most contemporary games and it was giving me "last kid picked for kickball" flashbacks. I'd like, just once in my life, to be good at something competitive, even if it is completely useless. :) But after a brief spazz, I gave up on the FPS games and returned to my home turf -- pinball. I sucked at that, too, but the freakin' arcade was so dark I couldn't see the upper tables on anything but the absurdly flashy Austin Powers machine. :p

Haven't gotten to fulfill my promise to spend more time on Puzzlebox, yet, since I haven't been able to find big chunks of time where I'm at a desk but not working. I have been doing a lot of writing, though, and apparently I'm not the only one. According to postrodent we now have at least one building project off of four out of six theme areas on PB, which is cool because it means we have places to put residences.

I could use a creative boost, though. I've have an idea for Strangewarp -- the spooky, infovirus-possessed, biopsych-horror district -- but that's all I have. I've decided I want its first public hangout to be a library, in keeping with the whole incestuous "information trying to experience itself" theme, but beyond some vague sense of Borges and Kafka influence, I don't know what to actually do with it. protocat and mharpold, especially... got any ideas for the Cronenberg Public Library? :) Remember: eerie, grotesque and pretty. Even fragments, something I could riff on would be much appreciated!
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